Feature Notes Example (if applicable) Status
Parsing "GET" Beacons These full URLs are created by typical javascript implementations and usually have "b/ss" in the URL. For beacon strings like this, the tool will parse not only the query parameters but also the namespace/cname and report suite. Implemented
Parsing "POST" Beacons "POST" beacons send the data in request form, rather than as query string params. In Charles Proxy, you can view these in the "request text". The tool allows you to enter the domain/cname separately if you'd like. Implemented
Comparing variables across multiple beacons and multiple beacon types For each entered beacon, a new column should display. The tool should auto-align any common variables. Implemented
Concatenate context data-style variables When beacons include "c.", "a." and other layered variables, the tool will detect and concatenate to make a cleaner, more concise table. Implemented
CSV Export You can export your table at any time to a CSV file. In most browsers, you will need to add the ".csv" extension to your donwloaded file. Implemented, possible future improvements
Parsing the s.products string If enabled in the display options, the tool can split out the different parts of a correctly-formed products string. Note: the original products string will show in a CSV export, even with this setting enabled. Implemented 10/16
Add the full domain separately for POST beacon POST requests aften start with the query parameters, bu the URL of the POST has important information information in the domain and pathname. The tool now detects if that URL is missing and prompts the user to add it. Implemented 10/20
Sort in "correct" order Each new beacon re-evaluates the correct order of all variables present, rather than appending to the end of the list. This keeps similar vairables close to each other. Implemented 10/21
Highlight unique/mismatching values Using the most recent beacon as a key, older beacon variables will highlight in yellow if they don't match. Implemented 10/20, with possible future improvements.
Show only fields relevant to reporting Allows the user to remove less important fields, like "AQB". Implemented 10/21
Show friendly names Shows names for parameters (eg, "Screen Resolution" instead of "s"). Implemented 10/26
Show known variable descriptions and corrsponeding "s" variables. Shows descriptions, when known, for standard analytics variables, as well as which "s" variable corresponds (eg, "s.charSet" for the "ce" parameter. Implemented 10/26
Remember display settings between sessions. Your settings are remember via cookie. Implemented 10/26
Erase beacons. An individual column can be removed from the table by clicking the trash icon. Implemented 10/30
Use the Admin API to pull down custom variable names. Use the Adobe APIs to get a list of report suites and variable names. Requires Web Services USername and Secret key. In beta, 10/30
Rename beacons. I'm working on it.