This utility exists for users of the PocketSDR mobile app, which uses the Adobe Admin API to pull down a list of your report suites and variables, to provide a quick and handy reference to your variable map. This tool provides a shortcut so users don't have to manually type their 32-digit API key into their mobile device.

To download the free app:

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Copy and paste your Adobe Analytics Web Services API information in the form below to get an email sent with a link that, when opened on a mobile device, will open the app directly with your API information already filled out.

How do I get my Web Services Credentials?

Your API key can be found in the Admin Console of Adobe Analytics under User Management for an individual user. You must grant the user "Web Service Access", then grab the credentials that are generated:

I promise not to use your information for anything nefarious or annoying- in truth, I'm not storing it at all. It will only be used to send you a link.

API Username:
API Shared Secret:
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